esø is Edoardo Saracino. Born in 1990 he is an Italian designer and visual artist. For years he worked as a 3D artist, interior, product and graphic designer with many architectural firms.

Raised in the outskirts of Rome esø’s school was the street and the cinema, but the encounter with the computer changed his life. Over the years he has created some innovative hardware concepts.

Always fascinated by sci-fi world, he creates digital art questioning the impact that new technologies will have on the lives of ordinary people combining photography, 3D modelling, and fine-art.


Emu Outdoor, Ethimo Decor, Lube Cucine, Sharivari, Versace & more..

Concreate Lab, Esperio Total Livng, Eligio Torre Office, Due Terzi

Spazio Urano (Rome - Italy) 2019