esø is Edoardo Saracino, born in 1990 he is an Italian designer and visual artist. For years he worked as a 3D artist, interior, product and graphic designer with many architectural firms and Italian design companies. Raised in the outskirts of Rome, in a world where the technological aspect of everyday life was still not as strong as nowadays, esø’s school was the street and the cinema.

The encounter with the computer changed esø and led him to live two separate lives: street kid by day, nerd by night. It's the nighttime when the city sleeps the moment he prefers to escape in his world, that world which started to catch so much of his life and led him to unleash his fantasies into graphical concepts.

When a friend asked him to make renders to narrate the story of the era they grew up in, esø started to forge these artworks. The result of the influences of classical movies, manga and videogames, fall into esø 3D-Art combining real people represented in grotesque situations to express the pervasive sense of inadequacy of this insane time.


Emu Outdoor, Ethimo Decor, Lube Cucine, Sharivari, Versace & more..

Concreate Lab, Esperio Total Livng, Eligio Torre Office, Due Terzi

Spazio Urano (Rome - Italy) 2019